The Second Trimester

Helping you out from Weeks 14-27

  1. 1 Babymooning

    Take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned holiday  – it’s the most comfortable time  for extended travel, by car, train or plane. Discuss international travel plans with your LMC before you book.

  2. 2 Get those swimming togs out!

    Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, aquarobics – all help prevent loss of fitness for mum,  and make you smile! Mild and moderate exercise is best, but discuss any concerns with your LMC. Check out our Exercise Room for more ideas.

  3. 3 Home DIY

    Many New Zealanders get that nesting feeling and so think now is the right time to make some home improvements, decorate the nursery or move house. Do this now! Don’t leave it until baby is due.

  4. 4 Maternity wardrobe

    Are your jeans becoming too tight around the waist? Feeling frumpy in your baggy t-shirts? There are some great NZ maternity stores out there and if you’re on a budget, check out TradeMe for some nearly-new options. At some point during weeks 14-24 you’ll find some of your old wardrobe just doesn’t have room for you and baby anymore!

  5. 5 Boy, girl or surprise?

    At about 20 weeks, your ultrasound anatomy scan can show baby’s gender, so decide if you’d like to know the sex before you go in. Your baby’s anatomy and spinal health is checked here and it can be a very emotional time seeing baby on screen, so take along a partner or support person.

  6. 6 Heartburn

    As your growing uterus pushes on your tum, heartburn and indigestion are very common at this stage in pregnancy. Take note of the foods that induce heartburn and try to avoid them. Help by eating small meals and eating earlier in the day – and avoid going to bed after a big dinner.

  7. 7 Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

    Now that the nausea has begun to improve, it’s a good time to think about the good nutritional value of your food. Check out our Top Ten Tips on Eating Well for advice on a balanced diet.

  8. 8 Back care

    Aches? Pains? Pressures? As the ligaments of your lower back and pelvis stretch to make room for baby, it’s important you look after your back and posture well. Don’t lift heavy objects, get daily rest, take exercise and when standing and sitting, avoid high heels and maintain the normal curve of your spine – try not to stick out that bum or tum!

  9. 9 Butterfly tummy

    If it’s your first baby, you may feel the baby move somewhere between 18 and 22 weeks – or as early as 16 if it is your second or third. Some women describe it as butterflies or a fluttering sensation – be sure to share the news as it is an exciting stage of pregnancy!

  10. 10 J. O. B.

    Most women find that they can work at their usual job until at least week 28 and often continue happily until week 36. It depends on your job however – heavy physical work, stressful situations or environmental hazards are all things to consider. Discuss parental leave with your employer or check out the Department of Labour.