The First 3 Months

Helping you out from Weeks 1 to 13

  1. 1 Am I pregnant?

    If you think there’s a chance you may be, confirm it with a pregnancy test asap. You can buy a home pregnancy test or visit your GP, medical centre or self-employed midwife for a free test.


  2. 2 First take folate

    Take folic acid tablets during early pregnancy and if you can even before you conceive – it cares for your baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

  3. 3 The drugs don’t work

    Avoid recreational drugs as they can affect your developing baby, causing miscarriage or abnormalities. Check with your Dr about any prescribed drugs you may be taking.

  4. 4 Auditioning your LMC (Lead Maternity Carer)

    Start looking early – this is a special and important relationship during your pregnancy. Your LMC could be a midwife, a GP or specialist obstetrician. Call freephone 0800 MUM 2 BE for LMC’s in your area or check out

  5. 5 The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    Meet your LMC for the first time once your pregnancy is confirmed. Remember to ask any questions you may have, your LMC will be asking lots of you – it’s very helpful to remember the date of your last period and take a pen and paper to make some notes!

  6. 6 Breast (ouch) tenderness

    Watch out for breast tenderness, your nipples especially may become super-sensitive – even before your period is missed.

  7. 7 Toilet tripping

    Feel like you are constantly taking trips to the bathroom? You may have interrupted sleep as a result of night time visits to the toilet.

  8. 8 That sicky feeling

    Get more rest to help with morning sickness. Eat very small portions every 2 to 3 hours. Try ginger, homepathic remedies or acupuncture. Remember, it generally gets better after weeks 11 to 15.

  9. 9 Let’s talk about sex

    You may feel changes in your desire for sex or notice differences in the experience itself. Some lucky women enjoy it more, others not as much.

  10. 10 ZZZZZZzzzzzz…..

    Rest. Put your feet up. Go to bed early. Listen to your body and relax!